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Exclusive Interview with President Director, PT. KENTEM INTERNATIONAL INDONESIA

Where are we making progress and where do challenges remain in Indonesia infrastructure development? Read the latest interview with Mr. Shoichi Nishimori, President Director of PT. Kentem International Indonesia, one of the leading companies on software development for infrastructure and civil construction. The company is recognized to have a great contribution in digitalization for civil construction industry.
What do you think about infrastructure in Indonesia?

I think the development of infrastructure in Indonesia is quite good. Especially in some in recent years infrastructure development in Indonesia has also been very rapid and also not focused on Java alone. Road construction, toll roads, bridges, dams, busway lanes, LRT, MRT lines and others already implemented but not yet supported by Transit Oriented Development (TOD) facilities so that it becomes more integrated. With these infrastructure development facilities, it is expected to help provide benefits not only in one sector, but in all sectors that benefit.

2. What is the biggest challenge facing the industry in the next 2 years?

Regarding the biggest challenges both in the construction and infrastructure industries for 2 years in the future if I look at it is a factor of quality and competitiveness between contractors. What also needs to be considered is in terms of work safety which is very important too. In the present era Indonesia needs a lot of infrastructure to be built. And the contractor as a business actor is required to carry out the development with high quality, finished on time and also prioritizes safety of workers with high competitiveness. This is perhaps the biggest challenge in the construction and infrastructure industries in the next 2 years and beyond.

3. What kind of products/innovations/solutions would you bring to support Indonesia infrastructure industry?

Our company is a company engaged in the development and sale of software, especially in the field of civil construction. As is well known, innovation in infrastructure development is important, considering that now almost everything has shifted to the Internet of Things (IoT) era. The software that we developed aims to help work in the field of civil construction especially to facilitate work on the project. Our software has been integrated with the Robotic Total Station survey tool so as to produce accurate data, shorten work time and make work more effective and efficient so that it can improve the quality of infrastructure work in Indonesia.
4. What management philosophy / mantra do you follow?

I really like Mr.Kazuo Inamori, a businessman from Japan and also the founder of the Kyocera company in Japan There are many management philosophies that he teaches through his books. One of the philosophies he teaches and I like very much is [The results of life and work can be expressed by one equation The way of thinking x Enthusiasm x Ability
This means that, the results of life and work are influenced by the pattern of thinking of the person. Because this is multiplication, if you have a negative mindset, it gets stronger your enthusiasm, the more abilities you have you become the more negative. Conversely, if you have a positive mindset, then your life and work results will have even higher positive values.

5. What is your secret to relax or focus?

Maintain a balance between on and off. Keep balance with exercise.
6. What are the top 3 items you can’t travel without?


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